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Europe’s biggest maze to help The Gruffalo celebrate 25 years

A giant maize maze in York, England will be marking 25 years of The Gruffalo when it opens to the public in July.

Farmer Tom Pearcy has cut out over 5 km of pathways in his 15 acre field of over a million maize plants near York. When the crop is fully grown by mid-July the maze of pathways will form an image when viewed from the air, a bit like crop circles.

Says Tom Pearcy, “I used to love reading The Gruffalo to my children, it is something that appeals to grown-ups too. My design celebrating 25 Years of The Gruffalo has been cut out using GPS technology to plot the pathways. It is nerve wracking because I can’t tell if I’ve made a mistake and put a path in the wrong place until July when the maize plants are fully grown and the final image is revealed.”

Alex Sanson, Senior Brand Manager for The Gruffalo at Magic Light Pictures said: “We are so excited to see The Gruffalo as a maize maze as part of his 25th birthday celebrations. The Gruffalo’s Child is also featured in the design as she is marking 20 years this year. We hope that families in the local area will love exploring the Gruffalo Maize Maze and enjoy celebrating this special birthday!”.

The Gruffalo 25th Anniversary Maize Maze will be open for visitors to explore from Saturday 13th July to Monday 2nd September 2024 when the crop will be harvested. Families have to navigate the maze of pathways in the crop to find the six viewing platforms and the special photo points featuring the animals in The Gruffalo story. Find all the animals and you could win a prize.

For details of opening times visit www.yorkmaze.com

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