China has reported no new coronavirus deaths for the first time during the outbreak.
WhatsApp is introducing a new limit on message forwarding to tackle the spread of misinformation, its parent company Facebook has announced.
New Zealand's health minister has been demoted after he flouted the country's lockdown rules to take his family to the beach.
One of the most senior members of the Catholic Church has walked free from prison after the Australian high court decided to quash his child…
US President Donald Trump has said that Americans are praying for Boris Johnson's recovery.
Doctors at what is now Spain's largest hospital have told Sky News they are winning the battle against the coronavirus "little by little".
New York has announced it might start temporarily burying victims of coronavirus in a park because the city's morgues are almost full.
A former soldier has been jailed for 23 years for shooting dead an investigative journalist in a killing that ultimately brought down Slovakia's government.
All smokers have been urged to quit their habit and cigarette companies have been told to stop producing and selling tobacco during the coronavirus pandemic.
The mother of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has died in Spain after contracting coronavirus.
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