Extinction Rebellion: Every force in England and Wales to help Met with climate demos

October 09, 2019

Hundreds of police officers from every force in England and Wales will come to London to help the Met handle the Extinction Rebellion protests.

The National Police Chiefs' Council has confirmed to Sky News that 500 officers will join Scotland Yard from all 43 forces.

The officers from forces including Devon and Cornwall, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, have already arrived in the capital following the call for mutual aid assistance to deal with continued significant disruption from climate change protests.

The council said the number is under constant review and likely to increase in the coming days.

More police reinforcements will arrive throughout today and tomorrow, as police step up their operations to clear some streets, which are still blocked off for a third day.

On Monday afternoon, Scotland Yard issued a Section 14 public order notice to protesters at multiple protest sites, warning them to move from the roadway, or risk arrest.

Specialist police teams moved in to Whitehall late on Tuesday afternoon to remove protesters who had chained themselves together and some who had glued their hands to the roadway.

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Officers also ripped down dozens of protesters' tents before clearing the area outside Downing Street.

This morning, more demonstrators have gathered on Whitehall again, and others continue to occupy the roads outside the Home Office and the Business Department.

Mothers staged a mass breastfeeding near Parliament Square to "plead for the lives" of their children, as the demonstrations entered their third day.

Elderly protesters were arrested outside Downing Street and were led and carried by police out of the main road in Whitehall, while onlookers sang and shouted "we love you".

Tents were still in place on Horse Guards Road, Marsham Street and near to Parliament Square, despite rain and an increased police presence.

Police want the protesters from Extinction Rebellion and other activist groups to head to the central plaza in Trafalgar Square.

Protest organisers have indicated their determination to continue pop-up protests at multiple locations throughout the two weeks of their planned action.

So far, police have arrested more than 600 people.

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