Shares in Uber's largest rival, Lyft, are due to begin trading in New York in a flotation that has valued the firm at $24.3bn (£18.6bn).
Huawei still poses a threat to UK national security, a major cyber report has concluded.
Facebook has vowed to ban praise, support and representations of white nationalism and white separatism.
Users of the new series of Apple Watch will be able to take their own electrocardiogram to test if their heart is working normally.
Volunteers are being paid £14,177 each to spend two months in bed to help scientists reduce the effects of space travel on astronauts.
Prince William has written to the family of a schoolgirl who said Instagram was partly to blame for their daughter taking her own life.
Iran is being blamed for a wave of cyber attacks that targeted key parts of the UK's national infrastructure in a major assault just before…
Three users of the gay dating app Grindr have been attacked by a man who tried to steal their cars after matching with them and…
The female astronaut at the centre of a row over spacesuit sizes has said the first all-women spacewalk was cancelled at her recommendation.
McDonald's is to start using AI to tweak its drive-thru menus on the fly in a bid to tempt customers into spending more - from…

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