It has been a big week for Harold McDowell, of Lakewood, New Jersey, and not because of Christmas.
Two fishermen have been rescued by a cruise ship in what has been described as a Christmas miracle.
A feisty young seal pup is recovering after his sense of adventure got the better of him.
A suspected armed robber has been caught after a bank was held up in a remote archipelago near the North Pole, police have said.
A California aquarium has apologised after unwittingly appropriating African American vernacular to describe the voluptuous body of a female sea otter.
A Taiwanese man who drove a delivery van into a row of four parked Ferraris has had some of the repair bill paid by members…
Scientists have found that the active ingredient in the drug cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can alter sperm.
A poacher in the US has been ordered to repeatedly watch the Disney classic Bambi after he was sentenced for illegally killing hundreds of deer.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he wants to control the popularity of rap music so that it does not lead to "the degradation of…
Britons have trolled a US newspaper after it claimed petty crime is not dealt with in London.
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