A man and his dog survived being trapped in their vehicle in deep snow for five days by eating packets of taco sauce. 
Police have been left shell-shocked after finding more than 1,500 live turtles wrapped in duct tape in unclaimed luggage in the Philippines.
US police received a surprise when they were called to check on the welfare of a cardboard cutout figure.
The world's number one bridge player has been banned after failing a drugs test. 
An injured grey seal has been released back into the wild after getting stranded 10ft (3m) off the ground on a beach in Yorkshire.
A man in Denmark has finally got relief from years of an unexplained blocked nose when doctors discovered a tooth inside his nostril.
Roman graffiti from 207AD has been rediscovered in a Cumbrian quarry, from which stone had been taken to repair Hadrian's Wall.
An "artistically challenged" couple who recreate football stickers have been told to stop selling drawings of Manchester United players. 
A rotund rat that became stuck while trying to squeeze out of a manhole cover has been saved by rescuers in Germany.
Scottish grandmother Moira Boxall returned from a trip to Australia to discover a snake curled up inside a shoe in her suitcase.

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