He's arguably the greatest footballer to ever play the game but fans shouldn't call Lionel Messi "God", according to the Pope.
A study has found a track by Skrillex, the electronic artist known for his dubstep music, could be an effective way to protect against mosquitoes.
Italian politician Alessandra Mussolini has publicly insulted Jim Carrey after he tweeted a drawing of the hanging of her grandfather, Benito Mussolini, and Claretta Petacci.
Voters on a small Canadian island face an unusual choice when they cast their ballots in the upcoming provincial election.
A cat trapped in a gutter after jumping out of a skylight and a child with a toilet seat stuck on their head are among…
A groundsman at Colchester United's training ground had an out-of-this world experience when he discovered a space burger had landed on the pitch.
A mystery which has been perplexing French litter pickers in Brittany for decades has finally been solved.
A 20-year-old Bangladeshi woman has given birth to twins, less than a month after her first child was born.
Nine nurses working on the same maternity ward are all heavily pregnant and due to give birth at around the same time.
One very lucky Australian man is now £25m richer after winning the lottery twice in a single night.

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