A High Court judge has apologised after his mobile phone rang during a hearing, filling the room with the sound of a classic 1960s tune.
Mourners who attended the funeral of a man in Ireland were left in shock when they heard his voice from beyond the grave.
There may be a few American football players giving thanks today after a possible case of divine intervention.
Four years after the late king of Thailand mourned his beloved pet dog, the country has shown off eight new puppies related to the old…
Police have shared a photo of a car they stopped in Glasgow which had sofa chairs strapped to the roof.
A bear compared to the "Michelin Man" has been crowned the winner of a Fat Bear competition that became an internet sensation.
It may sound like the setup for a low budget horror film, but wildlife officials have warned of the genuine threat of zombie deer.
A Texas groom who robbed a bank a day before his wedding to pay for the rings and venue has been arrested, police have said.
Cooking fats and hygiene products played a pivotal role in the formation of the giant fatberg found lurking under a seaside town, scientists say.
A music video tweeted out by Donald Trump has been taken down after a copyright complaint by the band behind the song.
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