Scientists have resurrected the voice of a 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest by recreating his vocal tract with a 3D printer.
Frozen iguanas have been falling from trees in Florida after plunging temperatures caused them to stiffen-up and lose their grip on branches.
A diver has set a new world record for the length of time spent sitting in a barrel at the top of a pole.
Romelu Lukaku's enormous bed has raised eyebrows on Instagram after he shared pictures of himself settling into his new flat.
The threat of nuclear war has hung over the peninsula for years - but it seems the US ambassador's moustache has got South Koreans bristling…
An airline has apologised after staff forced a passenger to take a pregnancy test before she was allowed to board a flight to Saipan.
The mystery of hundreds of starlings found dead on a road in Anglesey has been solved by police who think they were avoiding a predator.
Without context it might seem like a bit of a random warning but Yamaha is advising people not to try to climb inside musical instrument…
A Highland cow has caused udder chaos during rush hour around Glasgow after the "absolute unit" escaped from a nearby park.
A Japanese fashion billionaire is looking for a "special someone" to join him as he becomes the first private passenger to fly to the moon.
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