A woman who suspected something odd inside her Pittsburgh home discovered her ex-boyfriend had been living in the attic.
Paint is going to remain a part of Windows 10 "for now", a developer has confirmed.
A "fanatical petrol-head" and his "adrenaline junkie" cousin are setting out to break the land speed record for a tuk tuk after buying one during…
A park ranger has posted a remarkable selfie on social media showing a pair of gorillas posing proudly in the background.
A photo has emerged of what a park ranger claims to be a selfie with two gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Liberia's president and African player of the century is being forced to work from home after two snakes were found in his office block.
An Indian man has cut off his own finger after accidentally voting for the wrong party in his country's election.
The thousands of tourists who drive down San Francisco's famous crooked street each year could soon have to pay for the privilege.
A US man is suing his parents after they destroyed his massive pornography collection, which he claims was worth $29,000 (£22,139).
Police are searching for a wanted man who evaded capture at his home by dropping into an escape route under the floor.
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