Humberside Police are investigating a report of Criminal Damage to a vehicle

Humberside Police are investigating a report of Criminal Damage to a vehicle .
The incident occurred between 0845 hours and 2359 hours  on 17/05/2021.


The offender(s) approached a vehicle parked on the roadside on Eastgate South, Driffield using a sharp instrument scratched down the panels of the vehicle on both side causing damage .
If you saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area around this time or have information in regards to this incident, or have any information about the offenders please contact the police on the police non-emergency number 101 quoting Investigation 16/51814/21.
Alternatively you could call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. You don’t have to leave your name and you may even receive a reward.
 Remember to keep your own property secure to reduce the opportunity for thieves. Whenever possible lock your doors and windows in unoccupied rooms even if you are in the house.
Please be reminded to lock your doors and to keep any security gates closed and locked at all times
We also advise residents not to leave high value items on display as they may entice thieves.
To assist us in identifying stolen property please consider property marking high value items using Forensic Marking or UV pens.  You are also advised to register property at which is a free on-line property register used by police forces nationwide to reunite stolen goods to their owners. All you have to do is register on-line and then upload properties electrical items serial numbers.
Crime Prevention Advice –
 If your property has been damaged repair it as quick as possible. Any existing damage is likely to attract more to be committed. 

Keep a record of the details of all events you think are related to the damage including dates and times.  

If possible and without putting yourself at risk, try to get photographic evidence of the incidents and damage caused.
If there is something attracting antisocial behaviour to your neighbourhood contact your Local Authority ASB team and tell them. If a supply of rocks, stones or empty bottles is being used to cause the damage, could they be moved out of harm’s way?  

Improve the chances of any offender being seen, reduce hedges, increase lighting and if on private land consider CCTV & signage.  
Key Activities –

Consider reviewing the general security of the property and follow the full domestic survey guide 

Speak to neighbours, appraise them of the damage being caused and ask them to be vigilant and report any suspicious occurrence to the Police or ASB Team as appropriate. 

Consider joining or forming a Neighbourhood Network. Offenders are less likely to cause damage in an area where people care. 

If leaving your bike unattended choose busy well populated cycle racks, where there are many passing potential witnesses.
Make a difference in your community – help us to help you!




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