Electrical Fire Safety Week

The cost of living remains a concern for many. As it gets colder, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service wants to highlight the importance of electrical fire safety, especially for those thinking of using electrical items such as portable heaters as an affordable alternative.


Sarah Wilkinson, Head of Prevention stressed the importance of “It's vital for everyone to make sure they have working smoke alarms on every level in their homes, to help everyone in their home to stay safe and alert them in the event that a fire starts.”

“If you’re using heating appliances that don't rely on electricity, we strongly advise having a working carbon monoxide alarm. This is the only means of detecting the dangerous, invisible, and odourless gas that can prove fatal."

Follow our top safety tips on using heaters:

  • Don't put heaters where they block your way to escape.
  • Keep things that can easily catch fire, like furniture and curtains far away from heaters.
  • Never cover or dry clothing next to a heater.
  • Plug electric heaters into the wall, not an extension cord.
  • Only move electric heaters after turning them off and letting them cool down.
  • Never use portable heaters (gas or electric) in bathrooms.
  • Only use portable gas heaters in well-ventilated rooms, not in bedrooms or bathrooms.




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