Humberside Fire and Rescue Service give tips on keeping safe when using candles to celebrate

The Humberside Fire and Rescue Service often talk about alternative products to candles, but they do understand the significance candles play in many religious events and celebrations.


Upcoming events include Diwali and Christmas.

On these occasions, and when candles are a part of such events, they have offered some guidance for their safe use.

This includes:

  • When possible, secure candles in a purpose made holder and keep away from materials which may catch fire, such as curtains
  • Children and pets should never be left alone in the same room as candles
  • Put out any candles when you leave a room and make sure they are completely out at night
  • Be aware burning several candles close together can cause ‘flaring’
  • Keep lose clothing aware from the flame of a candle
  • If an item of clothing does catch fire, REMEMBER STOP, DROP AND ROLL

And please always remember, the fire service are only a call away if you need them.




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