BP headquarters blockaded by climate activists

May 20, 2019

Climate activists have blocked the entrance to BP's headquarters in central London and demanded that the firm halt all new oil and gas exploration..

Greenpeace set out a list of demands after a team descended on the property in St James' Square in the early hours of Monday.

The activists encased themselves in five containers that were placed in front of entrances using a crane, before being removed by police.

Others abseiled down the front of the building to block windows and unfurl banners that read "climate emergency" in bold letters.

Met Police said ten people had been arrested for aggravated trespass and all remained in custody on Monday evening.

"There are no protesters left at the scene although police maintain a presence at the location," the force added.

Greenpeace tweeted: "The climbers are down and eight activists have been removed from their boxes by police.

"This won't stop the fight for climate justice and climate action."

The protest took place just weeks after protesters carried out a similar operation targeting Shell's headquarters at the height of the Extinction Rebellion campaign.

BP said of the demonstration: "We welcome discussion, debate, even peaceful protest on the important matter of how we must all work together to address the climate challenge, but impeding safe entry and exit from an office building in this way is dangerous and clearly a matter for the police to resolve as swiftly as possible."

The Greenpeace demonstration was timed to coincide with the energy firm's AGM on Tuesday.

The campaign group said it was demanding that "BP immediately ends all exploration for new oil and gas and switches to investing only in renewable energy.

"If BP does not do that ...it should wind down its operations entirely and go out of business."

Activist, Paul Morozzo, said: "BP is fuelling a climate emergency that threatens millions of lives and the future of the living world.

"The science is clear - we must stop searching for new oil and gas if we want a liveable planet. BP must clean up or clear out."

He added: "At their AGM tomorrow BPs Bob Dudley has a choice - he can immediately end oil exploration and start switching to 100% renewables or wind down the company.

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