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All aboard the Santa Express: Festive fun for passengers travelling on the Yorkshire Coast Line

A magical service ran from Hull to Scarborough as Northern and the Yorkshire Coast Community Rail Partnership (YCCRP) transformed a train into a winter wonderland.

Customers onboard enjoyed a Christmas adventure complete with mince pies for all.  

And most exciting of all – Santa Claus handed out sweets and chatted to children onboard who were delighted to see him.  

Kerry Peters, regional director at Northern said: “Ten volunteers put hours of work into this very festive event. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated community along the Yorkshire coast who work their magic all year round.” 

On reaching Scarborough, Santa and helpers visited the craft fair that was taking place in the old parcel offices on Platform 1 to spread some more festive job. 

Pete Myers, chair of YCCRP, said: “This was a lovely event, and so nice to get out there after the pandemic stopped so many events. It was great to see so many people riding the train just to see Santa, who really made the day of so many young people. I am so proud of the Community Rail Partnership, because they are all volunteers, and all engaged with the event and continue to work tirelessly to promote our line.” 

All the remaining sweets not handed out will be donated by YCCRP to the Hinge centre in Bridlington who do lots of work with vulnerable families and the homeless.

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